The magic of watching your images form under a hazy dim red light in a dark room filled with with odors of stop bath and fixer are gone. Instead I now ‘pixel peep’ at the back of the screen of the camera. The basics are all the same. Composition. Lighting. Exposure. Timing. Expression.

I started the site in 2009 as I re-connected with photography. As my use of iPhoneography has grown, and the explosion of Instagram I thought it would be a better place for me to archive those images captured with my camera-phone.

Why ‘Brief Reality’? I think it speaks to life and to photography. We can experience reality only in an instant before it is pressed into the past and memory. This site allows me to share those memories of what I saw for a little bit longer. Thank you for stopping by.

You can always contact me at kevin@briefreality.com



“All photos are accurate.  None of them is the truth.”   ~Richard Avedon